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An essential component of at-home genetic tests is the human element. That aspect of genetic testing — interpreting genetic & scientific discoveries into health guidance that individuals can use — is a job that must be played by a human. Our product employs a combination of both algorithmic and human analysis for a precise explanation of DNA results. Some reports may take up to 72 hours to be delivered.

This product provides only a preliminary analytical result. An independent, clinically validated test must be used in connection with the medical trait in question.

The information in this report is not intended as medical advice, nor is intended to replace the care of a qualified healthcare professional. Always consult with your doctor before changing your healthcare regimen. This report is for informational research purposes only. If you have medication questions, ask your healthcare provider, follow your healthcare provider’s instructions when taking any medication, do not change your medications without talking to your healthcare provider.

Limitations: This product does not look at all possible genes or variants associated with each condition tested. Results may change as research continues to evolve and allow us to better understand what these and other genes mean for health. Numerous factors can affect response to a medicine, including gender, age, and diet. Not a diagnostic product.

An important caution is that the decision to assign an allele a wild-type status (*1) is based upon  genotyping the most common and already proven sites of functional variation. It is always possible that a new, previously undiscovered site of variation may confer loss-of-function in an individual, and thus lead to the rare possibility of a non-functional allele being mistakenly called as wild-type.

Allele's assigned phenotype can occasionally differ from what is suggested by the literature. The phenotype is used to store an interpretation of the test result.  This is a design decision that may differ among sites. Assignment of all Genotype/Phenotype is based on diplotype data. The specific wording of the interpretive text may differ among sites.

Estimation of *1 frequency. In general, there are no population studies that test for all known variant alleles.  Because *1 is not genotyped directly in many studies, all alleles that are negative for a sequence variation are defaulted to a *1 assignment. The inferred frequency for *1 is estimated as: 100 - (sum of averaged variant allele frequencies). For genes where many alleles are not tested for in any population, and frequency of ‘common’ alleles is not well documented in many understudied populations (Oceanian, Central/South Asian, Latino), the *1 frequency will deviate even more from true values.

Privacy matters. At no time is your DNA data sold to any external party.

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Uploaded DNA data are usually only available for a short time before they’re deleted. Usually when quality reviews are done and the report is successfully generated. 

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