The best 23andme raw data analysis tools to learn more from your genome

May 2022

Raw DNA data analysis takes all of this digitized sequence data, compares it against existing scientific research, and then produces an easy-to-understand DNA report.

What is Raw DNA Analysis?

Ancestry DNA & 23andme raw data analysis

When you use a consumer genetic testing service, you get a user-friendly report summarizing the findings. But you can often download your 23andme raw data files too. These files contain your unique genetic nucleotide sequence consisting of A, C, T, and G chemical bases. Unless you have a good understanding of genetics, figuring out what this raw data means for you and your health is challenging, to say the least. This is where 23andme raw data analysis can help.

Here are the tools that can give you that all-important information.

Health insights

Chip version may affect ancestry DNA or 23andme raw data analysis

Nebula Genome

Nebula Genome will take your raw DNA data and enhance While there are many paid add-ons to choose from, the initial analysis and report are completely free, and they allow you to learn about any genetic variants that might put your health at risk.‍


Citochrome's Top Health products start at $18. Top Health is recommended if you want more information on how quickly your body may breakdown some of the commonly prescribed antidepressants, anxiety and mental health drugs.

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Pay $99 for an annual subscription or $297 for lifetime access to SelfDecode’s DNA health dashboard. Based upon your DNA results or raw data upload, SelfDecode will provide recommendations for optimizing your health.

Top Health

Raw DNA Analysis

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Heritage/Ancestry/Family tree

Want to find out about your ancestors or connect with relations from across the world? Here are some ancestry DNA and 23and me raw data analysis tools that can help.


The platform is free to use, although you can pay a monthly subscription for their pro Tier 1 Tools. You can see the proportion of your DNA from different geographical locations and compare your genetic profile with other GEDmatch members, finding out exactly how much DNA you share

Family Tree DNA

What sets Family Tree apart from the competition is an additional feature, available for upwards of $99.This raw DNA tool allows you to search specifically along your maternal or paternal line — getting much more reliable and in-depth results than through standard autosomal testing.

MyHeritage DNA

MyHeritage helps you build your family tree, allowing you to identify which regions and ethnic groups your ancestors belonged to and find living relatives. You can do this for free by simply


Want to find out what diet and fitness plan suits your DNA best? These are the sites to upload your 23andme raw  data for analysis


With DNAfit, you can pay between $79 and $149 to determine how your genetics influence your ideal fitness and nutrition regime.


GenoPalate conducts DNA testing of their own but also allows you to upload raw DNA data for a reduced fee of $89. You can find out which superfoods you should be eating, which minerals and vitamins your body needs most, and whether you have any food sensitivities.


Vitagene reports start at $29. Simply upload your data into this raw DNA tool and find out which diet, skin, fitness, and supplement plans are best suited to your genes.

23andme raw data analysis for health

Scientific research/Communal data tools

Want to do something good with your DNA data? With these tools, you can contribute to scientific research and discover more about your DNA too.

Sano genetics

Sano conducts DNA testing and also allows participants to upload raw DNA data. They provide a wide range of reports — including information on how DNA affects your sleep habits, your snacking behavior, your personality traits, and your stress levels. But Sano also gives users the chance to add their DNA data into research studies, furthering our collective understanding of genetics.

Luna DNA

Luna DNA is another research company asking individuals to share their DNA data to help uncover new genetic insights.It’s free to upload your data — and you get an added benefit. All Luna DNA members get a stake in the company, which means you may be able to profit from your DNA contribution at a later date.

Final note

Wherever you stand on DNA research, given what we know about our human essence and aspirations, it’s like a fingerprint-distinctive, unrepeatable, and non fungible in the truest sense. What can forward thinking people learn from 23andme raw data analysis?

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